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Introducing “The World’s First SuperYacht 360 Video Studio”

Super Yacht Studios

We are proud to announce our brand new partnership with Insta360, the World’s Top Manufacturer of Virtual Reality Video Cameras. The Insta360 Titan, “Built For Cinematic VR!”

Creating the World’s Best SuperYacht content takes time, and as we know, time is money. If you want to shoot the best quality virtual reality video or pictures, then Insta360’s brand new Titan is It! It has 8xMicro Four Third Sensors, 11K VR Photo + Video, Farsighted Live Monitoring, Flow State Stabilization, 360 Live Streaming, Crystal View 11K Playback and 10 Bit Color.

By choosing SuperYacht Studios, you immediately set yourself as “A Player” when it comes to “Marketing Your SuperYacht!” We are the first Studio in the world to embrace this brand new 11k 360 Video and Photo Technology to the SuperYacht marketing community!

Once we capture all this INCREDIBLE 11k Video we can produce short social media clips and large-scale productions for the big screen. We would love to discuss video ideas and brainstorm new visual ways to get your brand noticed.

Video is now the most popular type of digital content globally. Google prioritizes websites that contain video. Social media algorithms prioritize posts with video in them and almost five billion videos are watched on YouTube every single day.

Our video team can work with existing footage, source newly-created SuperYacht video footage for you and arrange video shoots on board your luxury SuperYachts.

We are the best at working with little to no raw footage in this very private industry and will always make the most out of your visuals, or will have something up our sleeves that might be even better.


Our creative design team members are photoshop pros and Indesign experts —and love to produce stunning visuals. You dream it —and we can make it! From print and digital adverts, brochures, posts, banner and leaflets to professional presentations, editable PDF’s and magazines.

We can animate, illustrate and manipulate images and have a huge stock library of SuperYacht images, if you don’t have any of your own.

We create brands from scratch including logos, developing brand guidelines, fonts and color schemes. Inventing taglines and key messaging and collating your brand images and videos. Talk to us to see where we can take your next project.


Social media is time consuming and essential for any successful business.

Creating great content daily can be difficult when you are running a busy company, or yacht. However, social media is a vital part of daily life now, and all businesses are judged by their social media performance.

From help with setting up your accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest, and giving advice on finding your social media voice, to fully managing your social media on a daily basis, we can help.

How we do it…

We manage social media for a range of very successful SuperYacht businesses and charter yachts. We know when to post, what to post and who to interact with. We can add yacht owners, captains, crew, charter guests and industry decision makers to your accounts so they see your business news daily.

We can target new followers globally or in a specific location, and who already have an interest in yachting. We also have an extensive image and video library to support you, should you not have limitless content to post.

We can film, produce and edit spectacular videos, write engaging stories to post on LinkedIn, source eye-catching images to use on Facebook and Pinterest. We know who to retweet on Twitter, where to use video, the best time to post on Instagram for Europe, America and Australia, and how to create a YouTube channel people want to subscribe to.

We direct traffic to your website and help improve your Google ranking and SEO with informative posts that link back to your domain.


We can design fully responsive email campaigns for you to send to your company contacts.

We can create videos, animations and eye catching images to make your communications stand out in the inboxes of Captains and crew, and generate leads for your business.

We understand what is important to members of the SuperYacht community, what motivates key decision makers to purchase good and services, and can help you to position your brand through meaningful content and seductive calls to action.


A mobile responsive website design is essential in todays market

We can take the stress out of upgrading or developing your website. Our team has more than 20 years experience in designing, building and maintaining commercial websites.

Completely new website design

We can navigate the world of responsive layouts, SEO and keyword rich text for you, and make sure your website design is future proof and easy to maintain. We can host your website on our servers or update your existing website where it is currently hosted.

We can buy your preferred domain name for you and build a complete website around your concept. With an extensive image library at our finger tips, we can choose the best high resolution images to represent your company and the products and services you provide.


Do you need help to access the SuperYacht community?

Our agency will help you to define your product or service, determine your target audience and plan how to market your business effectively.

With years of experience in the SuperYacht industry, Global Superyacht Marketing can help you to navigate your way through this exclusive community.

Happy to share advice and experiences; our superyacht agency can fast track your business and put you in touch with your customers directly. If you want to contact owners, captains, senior crew and industry decision makers, we know where they are, who they are and can promote your products and services directly to them.

Whether you are new to the market or an established brand, we want to help you increase revenue and promote your business globally.

The superyacht agency for your marketing needs

We can provide complete social media management, press releases, targeted email campaigns and improve your SEO. We can plan your full marketing plan for the year or take on single projects to boost your marketing activity.

If you want to exhibit at international yacht shows we can negotiate the best price and sort out all your logistics for you.

Offering a full superyacht agency service, SuperYacht Marketing Group is here to increase brand awareness and generate quality leads for your business.

Start a conversation with SuperYacht Marketing Group!

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