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MEDIA STUDIOS AI, www.MediaStudios.AI led by CEO Mike Kerstein, brings 35 years of expertise in creating marketing content for some of the world’s top brands through Tropical Studios Maui & Boat Media Group. Our team comprises the foremost creators globally, distinguishing us in the sphere of media creation excellence

Why Grin is the Ideal Partner for Media Studios AI

Grin’s Professional Services Launch: Grin.co has officially introduced Professional Services, an expert-led influencer marketing service designed to elevate and optimize creator programs. The service offers modular and end-to-end solutions, making it a perfect fit for Media Studios AI’s innovative approach to AI media collaboration.

The Perfect Partnership

Strategic Alignment: Media Studios AI sees a strategic alignment with Grin.co’s Professional Services, providing brands with tailored support in influencer marketing. With our collective expertise, we aim to redefine the landscape and offer brands unparalleled guidance in bringing their influencer marketing vision to life.

Elevate Your Brand with Media Studios AI and Grin

Benefits of Partnership:

  • Access to a team of influencer marketing professionals with a proven track record.
  • Tailored support through Modular Services or complete program management with End-to-End Services.
  • Leverage GRIN’s best-in-class software for seamless influencer marketing operations.

Contact Us to Explore the Future of Media Collaboration

Ready to explore the future of media collaboration with Media Studios AI and Grin.co? Contact Mike at [email protected] today to schedule a meeting and discover how our partnership can elevate your brand.










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