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Photo: By Boat Media Group Partner : Breed Media

1. Quality Content Through The World’s Best Equipment and Production Teams:

 Our mission: redefine how the Boat, Yacht & SuperYacht industries communicate, market, and elevate their brands. Through Boat Media Group’s two Studios and we shoot with THE NEW KOMODO-X ST—the evolution of groundbreaking KOMODO camera tech, we’re crafting an immersive narrative that resonates globally for our YachtLife Lifestyle projects.

“Nothing But The Best” For Boat Media Group

KOMODO-X RED is the next evolution in the KOMODO family, multiplying the frame rates, dynamic range, and usability of the original KOMODO to break new grounds.


KOMODO-X features the same sized 6K S35 Global Shutter sensor as the KOMODO, but with a ground up redesign and key architecture improvements.

Improved detail and color in shadows, paired with double the frame rates at 6K 80P and 4K 120P makes KOMODO-X an even more powerful tool for creatives.


2. Digital Frontiers:

 In this digital era, online presence defines success. With web design and online marketing experience, we’re not just building websites; we’re shaping digital identities.

3. Collaborative Connections:

Our journey is a shared one. Partnerships with Insta360, and the the top VR camera company, and Red Digital Cinema, open doors to industry leaders, influential conversations, and forefront innovation in the Boat, Yacht & SuperYacht Marketplaces.

Insta360 Pro 2 8K VR Photo And Video

Shooting In And Around The Water Is Our Specialty!

Photo: By Boat Media Group Partner : Breed Media

Working With Insta360 Pro 2 8K Water Housing System

4. Beyond Horizons:

   Our vision for Boat Media Group is creating a team of the world’s best Boat, Yacht & Superyacht photographers, cinematographers, and editors, curating dynamic marketing campaigns for premier marine brands. Beyond boundaries, we’re inspired by the limitless potential of merging luxury and virtual reality.

Family Day

Boat Media Group’s FPV Drone Pilot Johnny FPV

5. The Crew of Innovation:

Our team blends industry veterans, creatives, and strategic minds. Partnering with Boat Media Group aligns you with not just experience, but determination to challenge norms and forge new paths.

Join the Journey of Partnership and Innovation

Let’s navigate together toward a future where innovation and partnership drive maritime industries to new heights. Forward-thinkers, we invite you to connect with Boat Media Group, uncover our strategic approach, and join an alliance reshaping luxury “YachtLife Lifestyle” marketing.

Reach out today to explore how a partnership with Boat Media Group isn’t just an agreement; it’s a shared voyage towards an unparalleled maritime future.

*Partner in progress. Partner with Boat Media Group.* 

Contact Mike at 808-365-0009 For A Partnership Meeting Today.

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